From our family-owned
we now offer a portion of our gold treasure it is the real gold nuggets natural high purity from 18 to about 24 carat (75 to 99% fine gold) these nuggets of gold weighing approximately 0.5 gram up to 2198 grams fabulous each one of these gold nuggets is a very valuable and unique UNICATE

the ONLY money what I can count is the gold which I possess
from J Sinclaire

Gold is money Everything else is credit
J P Morgan

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Nature preserved gold is rare and extremely rare!
The gold reserves of natural gold nuggets is only about 3% of the world's available gold
because almost all the gold is melted industrially

The value of a high-grade gold nuggets based on the current gold price
In addition, the appreciation comes through the collectors and antique markets
which exert an additional influence on the market value
When determining the value of consideration for any effect are the factors corresponding to a gold nugget-market value
from two to nearly three times the price of gold

Nature preserved gold thus has a special status in the future tends to rise further
The market pricing of about three times the price of gold is in the foreseeable future given quite

Market price barometer can serve the traded gold nugget price ranges B z on Ebay
The best prices can be found in so-called gold-nugget-dealers such as

Gold also has also another very important aspect
the vibration of the soul and increase All That Is
similar to pure organic germanium

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